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Meet the UCL specialists in an informal setting.

21-22 NOVEMBER 2024

The full package includes travel, accomodation and academic program.

Study tour for prostate cancer specialists

Topics: Advances in localised, locally advanced and metastatic prostate cancer

Destination: University College London

Date: 21-22 November 2024

A packed 2-day programme with the world-renowned team of oncologists and urologists from UCL sharing best practices and recent research.

University College London

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The UCL is a leading research centre in the field of prostate cancer, with a strong reputation for its innovative research and clinical expertise. The centre is home to a team of world-renowned experts who are dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of prostate cancer.

Mark Emberton, Professor of Surgery at UCL

Professor Mark Emberton is an internationally renowned urologist and prostate cancer research specialist. A pioneer in the field of minimally invasive treatment approaches for prostate cancer, he advocates for the use of innovative imaging techniques and techniques such as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and photodynamic therapy.
Emberton’s groundbreaking research has transformed the diagnostic and therapeutic pathways for prostate cancer, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced treatment-related complications. His work has been instrumental in establishing new guidelines for the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, influencing clinical practice worldwide.

Professor Gert Attard MD PhD FRCP

Prof Attard is a John Black Charitable Foundation Endowed Chair in Urological Cancer Research at University College London. He holds an advanced Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist award and is Team Leader of the Treatment Resistance Group at the UCL Cancer Institute. He graduated with a degree in Medicine from the University of Malta in June 1999 and obtained a PhD in Medicine from the University of London (ICR) in 2010. His main research interest is dissecting treatment resistance, currently with a focus on plasma DNA analysis, in order to inform on the development of novel therapeutics and biomarkers for castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). He is an experienced clinical trialist in CRPC and a co-author of more than 130 peer-reviewed manuscripts, including several important papers on advanced prostate cancer.

Professor Mark Emberton and Gert Attard has designed the agenda together with our Nordic faculty.

Our faculty

Our faculty, made up of leading experts in their fields, has developed the curriculum for this Immersive Knowledge tour. Passionate about sharing their knowledge, the faculty is committed to ensuring the tour is informative and engaging, and that it provides prostate cancer specialists with the knowledge they need to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Anders Bjartell, MD, PhD, FEBU

Professor of Urology, Dept of Translational Medicine, Medical Faculty, Lund University
Senior Consultant, Dept of Urology, Skåne University Hospital
Professor Bjartell has been national principal investigator for several trials of new drugs in metastatic prostate cancer and head of the clinical trial unit at the Urology Department at Skåne University Hospital. He leads a research group in translational prostate cancer research with extensive experience in prostate cancer biomarkers. He has participated in several EU-sponsored prostate cancer projects and has published more than 392 peer‑reviewed articles (Pubmed) and 493 in Web-of-Science with an H-index of 67.

After training at the University Hospital in Malmö, he became Specialist in Urology in 1998, and received his Fellows of the European Board of Urology (FEBU) diploma in 1999. He was appointed Associate Professor at Lund University in 1995. In 2006, Professor Bjartell became full Professor in Clinical Urology, and Senior Consultant at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö.

Antti Rannikko, MD, PhD, FEBU

Chief of Department at HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Department of Urology and Professor of Urology at the University of Helsinki, Finland
Antti Rannikko’s research group focuses on many aspects of prostate cancer from screening to diagnosis, and treatment of local and advanced prostate cancer to cancer follow-up. Research methods range from large, randomized trials and retrospective registry studies to translational studies and n-of-1 studies. He has published approximately 150 peer reviewed articles, supervised six PhD theses, is currently supervising 15 PhD theses, has H-index of 40 and has 9300 citations (Google Scholar). Research group web page:
Professor Rannikko received his PhD in 1997 in molecular biology studies on reproductive endocrinology, completed residency in general surgery in 2003 and in urology in 2005. He holds the titles of docent (adjunct professor) of experimental urology (2006) and clinical urology (2012).

Jan Oldenburg, MD, PhD

Professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Oslo and Senior Consultant at the Department of Oncology, Akershus University Hospital (Ahus)
Professor Oldenburg is a member of prostate cancer panel of the EAU (European Association of Urology), the European Society of Oncology (ESMO) testicular panel and the Norwegian guidelines group for prostate cancer.

He is also head of the Norwegian Prostate Cancer Consortium (NPCC). Oldenburg is the National Coordinator of the ProBio study – an international, multi-centre, outcome-adaptive, multi-arm, multiple assignment, randomised controlled, biomarker-driven, platform trial in men with de novo metastatic hormone-sensitive (mHSPC) or metastatic castration-resistant (mCRPC) prostate cancer ( He has > 100 peer-reviewed publication in the field of uro-oncology, which were cited > 7500 times, resulting in a H index of 41 on Google scholar.

Michael Borre, Dr.Med, PhD

Senior consultant and Professor at Department of Urology, Aarhus University Hospital at Aarhus University, Denmark
Professor Borre’s two academic theses (PhD & DMSci) focused on prostate cancer, which since has been his focus of research. Michael has published 285 peer reviewed papers with a H-Index of 53. For several years, Michael has become increasingly involved in organisational work and is currently chairing the Danish Urological Society and the Danish Prostate Group, as well as the Association of the Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups and the Danish Prostrate Cancer Register.

Jon Kindblom M.D, Ph.D.

Jon is a senior consultant in clinical oncology at Sahlgrenska University hospital with over 20 years of experience in the field of prostate cancer spanning research,education and clinical practice. His main research interest centres around curative external radiotherapy, brachytherapy and radionuclide therapies.

Join us on 21-22 November 2024
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